Virtual Scientific Industries Inc., is an Industrial Equipment supplier since 1996.  Our partnership is with world’s renowned manufacturers, which enables us to provide cost effective engineered solutions to our clients in our area of expertise.  In the Oil & Gas Sector we provide our products and services to Upstream, Mid Stream and Downstream. 


Our Principal Products & Systems includes;

Control Valves, Regulators, Glycol Pumps, Amine Pumps, Turbo Expanders, Compressor Packages, Industrial Blowers, Chemical Injection Skids, Filtration Products and Vessels, Pressure Relief Valves, Instrumentation Packages, Measuring Instruments, Gauges, Polyethylene Lined Pipes, Dust Collection Systems, Industrial Blowers Packages, Vacuum Systems, Vacuum Technologies for transportation, Pig Launchers Receivers, Venturi Systems, Meter Tubes Packages, Analyzers, Safety Equipment, Vibration Equipment, Electric Motor Packages, Hydraulic Pistons and Hoses, Pressure Fittings, Oil Field Equipment, Blasting and Surface Preparation Equipment & Expansion Joints.

Our Principal Services:

Shot Peening

Drilling Equipment Services 

Tubing & Casing Repair & Coating

Enhancing Strength of Tubular Immersed in Acidized Wells

Enhanced Strength for Boiler Tubes through Shot Peening

Specialized and Exotic Coating for Crude Oil Tanks, Vessels, Oil & Gas Equipment



Offices: USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Pakistan